Fast and flexible investment solutions are more important than ever in creating income.

Vontobel Platforms and Services provides access to the full range of Vontobel’s investment solutions. As a leading investment partner for financial intermediaries in Asia, we combine technology, investment solutions and Swiss custody and execution services.

Using our digital platforms or complementary investment strategy and advisory services, you gain access to the full range of Vontobel's investment solutions across all asset classes.

Asia Income Roundtable

In a world of high valuations, what markets should you look at?


Tailor-making an income strategy for EAM clients


Low yields have forced investment managers to be more creative in delivering income to clients. This case study shows how an EAM achieved this via Vontobel’s innovative technology platform, reporting infrastructure and high-quality execution, to benefit from the efficiency, flexibility and scalability of actively managed certificates (AMCs).

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Leveraging Vontobel’s EAM platform for the right investment outcome

It is challenguing for external asset managers (EAMs) to create differentiated investment outcomes for clients. This case study shows how one of these boutique firms achieved this by leveraging the novel integration of Vontobel’s structured products and wealth management expertise. This ensured high levels of efficiency, responsiveness and service quality.

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Is tailor-made income the answer to yield?

In today’s more complex and uncertain investment climate, investors in Asia are seeking new sources of income. To achieve this in a flexible, transparent, liquid and scalable way, actively managed certificates (AMCs) offer a diversified and cost-efficient route to adapt to market trends yet with the required returns.

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Are bonds still the answer to the income problem?

TwentyFour Asset Management CEO, Mark Holman, explains why he believes investors should still be starting their search for income in bonds, and how they can look to combat further rates weakness by looking globally and targeting the right areas in credit.




  • Creating more access to income
    • Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) allows for management of investment at a low cost and efficient allocation of clients’ assets
    • Structure Products allow for a tailor-made approach using different asset classes to suit each investor’s needs
    • Providing a source of income that is aligned with an investor’s risk profile
  • Customer oriented
    • Partnering you to create an investible financial product for your strategies
    • Dedicated to providing you with regular trade ideas as well as updates
  • Delivering the edge through technology
    • The ability to create tailored made investment solutions quickly
    • Automatically rebalancing the AMC




Vontobel Now podcast: Hear directly from our specialists



Without doubt, investors continue to face a complex and uncertain market environment globally. Compounded by prolonged low interest rates, the hunt for yields with lower volatility poses an ongoing challenge for anyone looking for income.

The solution is to take a fresh perspective. It requires going beyond fixed returns to generate a resilient outcome that also offers diversified capital growth.


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Be part of the income revolution

Fast and flexible investment solutions are more important than ever in creating a bespoke way to adapt to a cyclical recovery with gradually rising rates.

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