Your access to Vontobel

With Vontobel Access you are assured access to the world of Vontobel.

With Vontobel Access, you are assured access to the world of Vontobel with our investment and financing solutions and our wealth planning services.

Vontobel Access

In Vontobel Access all our essential basic services are included:

  • Support services
  • Custody account and account management
  • Evaluations and reports for tax purposes
  • Mailing and archiving of bank documents
  • Payments and a portfolio of cards
  • Opening and management of special accounts

In addition, Vontobel Access ensures a direct admittance to your portfolio via our digital solution Vontobel Wealth , which allows you to view your data and manage your portfolio from wherever you are. Vontobel Wealth also includes a digital mailbox to which all your correspondence and banking documents can be sent, giving you a permanent accessibility to your banking relationship with us.

Your personal situation might require a different set of services - Vontobel Access therefore offers you several service packages.

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