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As a private client, you benefit from our comprehensive range of investment products and solutions.

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At Vontobel, all our clients have one thing in common: they come to us for active investment solutions. But investing is not just about numbers. It’s about taking ownership and actively turning chances into opportunities. We focus on empowering clients to take ownership, actively shaping opportunities that align with their distinct preferences and aspirations.

Have you ever wondered how to...

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... invest surplus money sitting in your account?

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... defy inflation and prevent your money from losing value?

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... reduce risk by investing for the long term?

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... earn a million francs by the time you retire?

If yes, you are in good company. Many of our customers come to us with precisely these questions. We answer them - with comprehensive expertise and individual solutions.

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Personal Consultation

We develop your individual investment plan based on your goals and needs.

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Swiss Expertise

As a global investment firm with Swiss roots, we look back on over 100 years of investment experience, worldwide and in the Swiss market.

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Comprehensive Investment Knowledge

In every market situation, we have successfully helped clients protect or even grow their wealth.

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