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Investing with expert guidance

Even experienced investors make mistakes. Find out what investment mistakes you may be making and how to avoid them.

Many different factors can influence your decision making. This is why an exchange with experts is so valuable. As sparring partners, they can help you look beyond the edge of your own portfolio.

Our experts...

  • help you to align your investments exactly with your financial goals.
  • ensure that your return potential is not diminished by unnecessary mistakes.
  • recognize investment opportunities early and can limit possible losses.
  • guide you through crises and uncertain markets with years of experience.

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Stay ahead with our monthly Investors’ Outlook

Investors’ Outlook: Traversing risky terrains

Risky terrains require a thoughtfully chartered course. Our Muti Asset experts share the path they’re treading amid recent geopolitical tensions and the current state of job markets, interest rates, and inflation. They question the future of the traditional 60/40 portfolio and provide an early analysis of the upcoming US presidential election.

  • Growing tensions in the Middle East were among the most alarming developments in April, with investors closely monitoring the possibility of an escalation and its potential effects on markets.
  • The actions of central banks, the timing of interest-rate cuts, and the upcoming US presidential election also remain primary considerations for investors.
  • Is it time to rethink the traditional 60/40 portfolio? We think so. The simple bonds and equities-only portfolio that served baby boomers so well is unlikely to remain fit for purpose for younger generations.
  • The Vontobel Investment Committee has downgraded fixed income to underweight from neutral and, in turn, upgraded alternative investments to overweight from neutral – with an increased positioning in commodities.

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With our investment philosophy you benefit directly from our know-how.

Through active management we secure sources of return for you

The Vontobel 3α pyramid: flexibility at three levels


3rd alpha

Targeted selection, for example of individual equities. We add short-term opportunities to the portfolio and take advantage of the fact that the capital markets sometimes react strongly to news.


2nd alpha

Investments with high conviction. This includes economic changes such as macro- and megatrends. For equity investments, our long-term conviction lies in our “Global Quality Achievers” model, which focuses on the substance of a company.


1st alpha

A robust and broadly diversified portfolio is the foundation to be able to realize a value increase in the long-term. We rely on active management here as well.

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