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You entrust us with the management of your assets, benefiting from our extensive investment expertise.

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We support you holistically when investing your assets, based on the investment strategy we define together.

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Vontobel investment philosophy
Securing sources of return for you through active management


First Alpha – Diversification



The first alpha – the main pillar – is broad diversification, meaning that your assets are spread across several types of investments. This makes a robust asset allocation possible, across different asset classes and currencies.

To Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy®


Second Alpha – Conviction




Investments that we find convincing in the medium to long term are the second possible source of return, and thus the second alpha. Here we focus on quality equities as well as on themes such as economic changes and macro- and megatrends.

To Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy®

Third Alpha – Opportunities



The third alpha is achieved by taking advantage of short-term investment opportunities, by closely observing the market and flexibly taking action. The smallest developments can create investment opportunity.

Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy®


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We monitor the trends for you that will shape the future.




Vontobel Volt®  

Discover this autopilot for your investment, with an active portfolio based on your personal risk profile.

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Sustainable investing

Your personal values determine your investment decisions.

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Vontobel Wealth

The comprehensive way we look after you is based on the mix that you find best – with your Relationship Manager at your side when you want personal assistance, and digital services available around the clock.

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A stormy autumn

Financial markets are experiencing a stormy autumn as a second wave of Covid-19 is prolonging our path back to a recovered global economy. While we believe a degree of caution is warranted, we continue to see signs that support a V-shape recovery and remain constructive in our overall risk positioning. Get more insights about our current investment strategy in the Monthly CIO Update with Dan Scott, CIO WM Investments.

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Avoiding further lockdowns at all costs

Markets have seen a strong recovery from the March lows and we maintain our positive stance. Low interest rates and recovery in global macro will continue to be a driver. We are watching the spike in new coronavirus infections with concern but do not expect further lockdowns. Meanwhile, US elections could increasingly become a source of volatility for the market.

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