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You are familiar with the important financial markets? You have your own investment ideas and want to discuss them with us? You decide when and how intensively you want to exchange views with our experts and your Relationship Manager. But the investment decision always remains with you.



Vontobel investment philosophy

Securing sources of return for you through active management

Our Vontobel 3α-Investment Philosophy® is based on the conviction that by actively managing your assets, we can generate added value for you. The focus here is on three sources of return – also called “alphas”.




First alpha

The first alpha - the main pillar - is broad diversification, meaning that your assets are spread across several types of investments. This makes a robust asset allocation possible, across different asset classes and currencies.


Second alpha

Investments that we find convincing in the medium to long term are the second possible source of return, and thus the second alpha. Here we focus on quality equities as well as on themes such as economic changes and macro- and megatrends.


Third alpha

The third alpha is achieved by taking advantage of short-term investment opportunities, by closely observing the market and flexibly taking action. The smallest developments can create investment opportunity.




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Wealth management

You entrust us with the management of your assets, benefiting from our extensive investment expertise.

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Investment advisory

We support you holistically when investing your assets, based on the investment strategy we define together.

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Investment products

Various investment products and solutions can help you achieve your financial goals. We will propose individual solutions for your personal situation.

Our investment products


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Vontobel Compose - a combination

Would you like to combine solutions? With Vontobel Compose, you can arrange an individual approach to managing your assets with us, based on your needs and goals.

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Other topics for you



We monitor the trends for you that will shape the future.


Vontobel Volt®

Discover this autopilot for your investment, with an active portfolio based on your personal risk profile.

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Sustainable investing

Your personal values determine your investment decisions.

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Vontobel Wealth

The comprehensive way we look after you is based on the mix that you find best – with your Relationship Manager at your side when you want personal assistance, and digital services available around the clock.

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