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Implement your investment strategy together with us.

You are looking for an experienced partner with whom you can implement your investment strategy together. To do this, you want to align your portfolio for the medium to long term and also to benefit from investment ideas and recommendations based on expert know-how. Actively monitoring risks and receiving timely information about market or portfolio changes are important to you, too, so you can discuss any possible need for action with your Relationship Manager as quickly as possible.

Within Vontobel Impulse, we support you in investing your assets based on the investment strategy we have defined together. A personal Relationship Manager is at your disposal as an investment expert. The focus of the Advisory provided – as well as the investment ideas suggested – is on the orientation of your portfolio and the active recommendation of investment themes. You receive access to the global financial markets and are kept up-to-date thanks to our wide range of research and investment publications. Your portfolio is continuously monitored and you benefit from active notifications in case the portfolio deviates from the specifications you have defined.

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