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Would you like to take advantage of a specific market situation, quickly and efficiently – and in addition, increase your return while reducing risk?  We can support you, thanks to our many years of experience creating innovative solutions in the field of structured products.

Structured products are flexible, readily tradable financial instruments that are often used to augment a modern portfolio. Due to the many variations that are possible, products can be structured in line with practically any risk profile and any market expectation. And this can be accomplished in a very short time.

Vontobel has many years of expertise in the area of structured products and is the leading innovator of these financial instruments in the Swiss market. Thanks to our open product architecture, Vontobel also offers access to a wide variety of structured product providers.

But what is, in fact, a structured product? It is an investment solution that consists of an underlying instrument and at least one derivative.

Structured Product

In each case, the underlying instrument – such as a bond, share, index, foreign exchange or commodity – forms the basis of the product. Adding one or more derivatives then defines a structured product. A derivative is a so-called derived financial instrument such as an option or a future.

Structured products take advantage of short-term market opportunities, exploiting them in a targeted approach. Almost any market expectation can be exploited with a structured product, but there are also risks associated with them. The formation of such products can be done quickly: from idea to issue may take only a few days, and sometimes even  minutes. Unlike equities, structured products can be set up so they not only benefit from market upturns but also take advantage of sideways or downward-moving prices.

Vontobel gives you access to various investment topics and markets. In doing so, we take your needs into consideration, combining them with our own market expectations as well as taking the current market situation into account. This is how we structure an investment that perfectly suits your needs and is efficiently embedded in your portfolio. Your structured product is available from CHF 20,000.

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