Sustainable investing is not a trend, but a permanent feature of our business


Since the early 1990s, our clients have benefited from a broad range of sustainable investment solutions, making us a pioneer in this area. Our sustainable investment solutions enable you to align your investment decisions with your personal values. By taking advantage of our product, you will promote exemplary companies over the long term, avoid controversial sectors of industry, and at the same time reduce the risks in your portfolio.


Drive positive change through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.


Include global megatrends in investment decisions at an early stage.


Target your investments with a sustainable discretionary mandate.

Sustainable discretionary mandate





Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria

Did you know that more than half of the people we surveyed indicated that they had never encountered an ESG approach to saving and investing? In our three-part series based on an in-depth ESG study, you can find out how taking ESG criteria into account can provide investors with specific decision-making assistance. It can even reduce risk and open up new yield opportunities.

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Include global megatrends in investment decisions at an early stage

Tomorrow’s world will look different than today. The aspects of our lives and the issues that will be affected are already becoming apparent today. The Vontobel megatrends model helps in the task of keeping these future issues in view. The model is based on three pillars that, in our view, represent the societal changes we are currently experiencing. Find out about our Vontobel megatrends model and how new investment ideas can be developed from megatrends.

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A sustainable discretionary mandate

Would you like to invest easily and reliably in topics such as sustainability, social responsibility, and ethics? With the “Vontobel Conviction Sustainable” discretionary mandate, you delegate the management of your assets to us in line with sustainable investment approaches. This lets you invest in companies with excellent sustainability ratings while avoiding controversial industries and products.

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Other topics that may interest you



Corporate Responsibility: Part of our identity

From sustainable investment solutions, to environmental sustainability, through to serving communities.

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Sustainable investing with Vontobel

Diverse investment solutions with a positive long-term impact.

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Our Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report forms an integral part of Vontobel's Annual Report and contains detailed information about our sustainability commitments.

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Our ratings and memberships

Entrepreneurial responsibility has long-established roots at Vontobel. It is lived out in all its complexity and regularly honored.

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