"Women & Finance"

Women have their own goals. Your time horizon is usually longer than men’s. As a result, you often differ considerably in how you make decisions – especially when it comes to finances.

Following your own path – with competent support

In advising you, we orient our support specifically to the needs of women. Your personal Relationship Manager places great value in becoming familiar with your personality, your financial goals and experience, creating the basis for a long-lasting, trusting partnership with you. Whether your interest is in investments, pension planning or financial advice, we can show you how you can achieve success on your own path.

A network for women

Since the 1990s, we have been steadily expanding our network for financially savvy women – we are a pioneer in this field. At our network events, you will receive first-hand information and tips on investments, pension planning and other topics relating to financial planning, and there is always ample opportunity for you to exchange ideas and information with your fellow network members and with our experts. Because conviviality is an important part of these events as well, we take care to choose fascinating venues or to organize the chance to meet intriguing personalities.

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