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Are you looking to diversify your investments internationally?
You will want to know that your assets are in custody in a stable international financial center such as Switzerland. Advice from people with in-depth know-how and experience serving residents of the Americas could tip the balance especially when combined with customized investment solutions.

At Vontobel, we focus on gaining a deep understanding of clients’ needs and leverage our investment expertise to offer opportunities for diversification.

Find out more about partnering with a leading internationally operating investment firm with Swiss roots.

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NEWS | 08.2022, Vontobel

Bringing the power of Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors together with UBS Swiss Financial Advisers under one roof

As announced in December 2021, on August 1, 2022, Vontobel Holding AG acquired SFA, formerly a subsidiary of UBS AG, based in Zurich. With this acquisition, Vontobel is further strengthening its platform serving clients in or from the Americas.

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Do you feel it is time to add a global perspective?

We see opportunities in global diversification based on a personalized, strategic and long-term asset allocation. We also provide geographical and jurisdictional diversification with access to custody in Switzerland
as well as diversification outside of the US Dollar.

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Swiss roots

Do you appreciate that your assets can be custodied in a stable international financial center such as Switzerland?

We are a globally operating financial expert with Swiss roots. We pursue a holistic approach, monitoring the markets precisely, anticipating trends and opportunities, and developing individual solutions. We are committed to helping our clients invest for a better future.

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Personalized services

Do you want customized and personalized investment solutions?

We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and investment goals. We strive to offer them first-class, customized financial solutions.



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Each of Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors and Vontobel Swiss Financial Advisers offer a number of investment advisory programs, including discretionary investment management and non-discretionary investment advisory programs. Click on the links below to find out which investment advisory programs might be right for you.


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