General Meeting of Shareholders

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Vontobel Holding AG is held annually within six months of the end of the financial year − generally in April or May. The General Meeting of Shareholders reaches decisions in accordance with the powers defined in the Articles of Association. The next ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Vontobel Holding AG takes place on April 9, 2024.

The Articles of Association and the Business and Organizational Regulations of Vontobel Holding AG, as well as other corporate governance regulations, are available here: Corporate Governance Regulations


Explore our archive for a retrospective journey through previous years' general meetings.

Shareholder structure

The 'one share – one vote' principle applies at Vontobel. A single share class was therefore created back in 2001. In addition, Vontobel does not make use of a legally permitted 'opting up' or 'opting out' clause.

The majority of votes and capital are held by the Vontobel families, 50.9% of the votes and capital are tied in the shareholder pooling agreement:

Shareholder pooling agreement

The pool represents 50.9% of votes. Votes are tied in the pool with the earliest possible date of termination as per end of 2026.

Pie chart showing internet usage: 60% of people are online, 30% are offline, and 10% have intermittent access.

Overview of shareholder pool members:

  • Vontobel Foundation
  • Pellegrinus Holding AG
  • Vontrust AG
  • Advontes AG
  • A further family member