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Pubblicato il 15.06.2020 CEST

Alternative investments: What they are useful for and how they perform

Alternative investments improve a portfolio’s balance. And although they are primarily used for risk considerations, their performance doesn’t need to hide.

Live stream recording (in German):

Alternative investments are an integral part of Vontobel's investment strategies. Learn in this video with practical examples how gold, cat bonds or real estate investments help to diversify volatility on the equity markets. © Vontobel, recorded on July 3, 2020, 8 a.m.





Thomy Zünd,

Global Strategist at Vontobel Wealth Management in the live stream

The five key topics at a glance:

  • Wine, art, gold - what is part of “alternative investments”?
  • What is the advantage of alternative investments in the portfolio?
  • How resilient were alternative investments in the Corona crisis 2020?
  • For comparison: what performance have you had in the last 12–18 months before?
  • Is summer 2020 the right time to invest in alternative investments?



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