Harcourt Alternatives

Diversification and attractive return prospects

In addition to conventional investment products, Vontobel Asset Management offers alternative investment strategies for private and institutional investors under the "Harcourt" label. Harcourt can draw on experience and sound expertise dating back to 1997.

Alternative Strategies

The objective of alternative investments is to generate absolute returns and/or to show the minimum possible correlation with "traditional" asset classes such as equities and bonds. They are a useful way for investors to spread their risks and make their portfolios more robust. The category of alternative investments includes commodities and liquid alternative strategies.

Our offering includes products in the following areas:



Commodities are a useful instrument for portfolio diversification.

Liquid Alternatives

Liquid Alternatives

Reduce portfolio volatility in a cost-effective way through liquid alternative strategies.


Absolute Return Bonds

Absolute Return Bonds

Generate returns even when interest rates rise, by using derivatives and appropriate trading strategies.

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