Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to a corporate culture free from prejudices.

At Vontobel, we value the many voices within our teams. In all our business units, we strive to engage and promote talent of varying age and gender, with a diverse range of experience, from various cultural backgrounds. We are convinced that this diversity of perspectives leads to a better understanding of the needs of our clients and enables us to provide them with even more added value.

Our approach to Diversity & Inclusion is based on valuing and understanding variety in three central areas: cultural diversity, gender, and generations.


For cultural diversity

When building teams at our 21 international locations, we consciously ensure a balance between Swissness and the nationalities of our clients. In doing so, we are able to accurately understand their needs and develop solutions that fit.


For equal opportunities

Teams comprised of women and men promote a diversity of thought and open up new perspectives for success. Consequently, equal opportunities for men and women are essential for our business success. For this reason, we at Vontobel are also working on attracting and promoting up-and-coming female talent, female specialists, and female managers, with the clear goal of increasing the number of women in our workforce, particularly in leadership positions.


For exchange between generations

The exchange of experience and sharing of knowledge between young and old is critical for sustainable company success. This is why, at Vontobel, young professionals and experienced colleagues work together, in order to develop solutions for our clients that are both viable and future-oriented. With this conscious integration of all age groups, Vontobel is also contributing towards dealing with the demographic change in society.


"Bring yourself to work – shape Vontobel."

"The collaboration between women and men of various ages, with differing career paths, experiences and cultural backgrounds creates significant added value for our clients.

As a Swiss company, which both excels in the home market and serves clients internationally, we place great value on diversity. We understand that mixed teams cultivate a culture of discussion and develop the new ideas needed for success. With their diverse perspectives, they better understand our client's requirements, and therefore deliver better solutions.

At Vontobel, we value the versatility and diversity of our employees and promote an integrative corporate culture. We encourage all those who work for us to fully apply themselves, take personal responsibility, and exceed their objectives and own expectations. This is how we inspire and excite our clients – and ourselves – with our ideas and solutions. This is how we pave the way to sustainable success."

Zeno Staub, CEO Vontobel