An illustration symbolises the diversity and inclusion week at Bank Vontobel

Vontobel Diversity & Inclusion Week

Working at Vontobel

Published on 01.06.2023 CEST

In 26 various formats, with around 40 speakers and over 680 registrations our Vontobel employees and managers attended interesting discussions, explored new perspectives, got inspired and learned more about Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace and our Vontobel initiatives and offerings around D&I.

Various workshops and bottom-up dialogues with colleagues took place locally and virtually, which gave us food for thought and which will help us to move forward on our D&I journey at Vontobel.


There was a high level of interest from expatriate colleagues to contribute to the Vontobel culture via the Bottom-up Workshops where some topics to discuss were:


  • How can we better integrate foreign colleagues and locations into the Vontobel culture and learn even more from each other
  • How do we ensure that everyone is heard in meetings? (Simple tip: give everyone equal speaking time).



Employees Feedback


I am who I am - A session on Authenticity at work

Lunch & Learn session on mind the gap

Interactive Webinar on Psychological Safety

What did you like most about this event?

"The authenticity of the  speakers and their personal testimonials.  They raised awareness of such important matters like burn-out, disability or discrimination because of sexual orientation."

What was your biggest take away?

"It was so interesting to get the awareness for the complexity of financial planning and different gaps in the Swiss system and the holistic approach across generations "

What did you like most about the interactive webinars?

"There was a great mix of  theory, practical and interactive parts in break-out sessions and the possibility to exchange with colleagues on the topic of psychological safety."


Panel on Inclusive Leadership

Lunch & Learn session on mind the gap

Interactive Webinar on Psychological Safety

What did you like most about the Leadership Panel?

"The Panel was very insightful, to the point, a great  and open discussion with quality contributions. There were practical takeaways and just overall a strong event, thank you"

How did you experience the lunch & learn session?

"It was an excellent session with lunch included, the presenters were highly engaged and very competent"

What was your personal take-away from the webinar?

"I liked a lot that we were encouraged to go into break-outs and to share and exchange our views with other colleagues. It was so engaging to see we share similar feelings about invisibility"