What sets us apart? Our values.


Driven by an ownership mindset, we stand for empowerment and personal responsibility.


We embrace independent thinking to capitalize upon the future.


Determined to deliver, we stay on course in a changing world.

What it's like to work here?

We trust each other. And we like to support one another in creating new opportunities. Our nimble approach and lean processes empower people in every position to make decisions, acting as trusted business owners.

We’re constantly looking for ways to better serve our clients. And we’re future-oriented – always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities. Have an idea? We want to hear it.

We like to get together. Collaboration is encouraged. Throughout our Zurich campus, for example, you’ll find lounges, terraces and rooftops to get to know your colleagues and brainstorm. And when you’re eating your free lunch in our canteen, you may be sharing a table with your teammate, or perhaps the CEO.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds – and we know that gives us an edge. We’re proud that from our Swiss roots we have grown into a modern, dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual team.

Three business people stand in front of a modern office building and symbolize diversity.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion


  over 25
locations globally


8 years
tenure on average

part time employees


We are convinced that a diversity of perspectives leads to better understanding of the needs of our clients and the opportunities we can create for them. We foster an inclusive work environment where equality and diversity thrive in support of our strategy, goals and priorities.

Everyone is invited to participate in and help shape our culture. Workshops and bottom-up initiatives help move us forward on our journey. Within our yearly Diversity, Equality & Inclusion weeks –supported by employees across our organization – we bring everyone together to explore new perspectives.

To achieve a corporate culture that embodies diversity, equality and inclusion, we focus on the following three pillars:

Cultural Diversity

Gender Equality

Age Demography


For our different initiatives and Diversity, Equality & Inclusion weeks we collaborate with:

Our history

Close ties with the Vontobel family place us in a unique position to stay the course through market turmoil while guaranteeing our entrepreneurial independence. We consider the resulting freedom as an obligation of social responsibility. Our brand colors have their origin in the family crest due to this strong connection.

Corporate responsibility has a long tradition at Vontobel: from sustainable investment solutions, to environmental sustainability, through to serving communities. No greenwashing, just a sincere and consistent commitment to fulfilling our corporate responsibility – an achievement for which we regularly win awards.

Read more about our corporate responsibility here


Vontobel employee Philipp Alena at his workplace in 2023

29.09.2023 CEST


Working at Vontobel

Interview with Philipp Alena: working at Vontobel for 45 years

What has changed at Vontobel over the past four decades, and what has stayed the same? We asked someone who needs to know: Philipp Alena has been working for Vontobel for 45 years.

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A green racing bike leaning against a concrete wall

14.08.2023 CEST


Working at Vontobel

Bike to work challenge 2023 – a new Vontobel record!

In May and June, 36 keen Vontobel cycling teams took up the challenge to "bike to work". This is a new record! They rode a total of 59,380 kilometers during the bike to work months of 2023.

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An illustration symbolises the diversity and inclusion week at Bank Vontobel

01.06.2023 CEST


Working at Vontobel

Vontobel Diversity & Inclusion Week

At Vontobel, we value the versatility and diversity of our employees and promote an inclusive corporate culture. To live this culture, we dedicated an entire week in September 2022 to the topic of diversity and inclusion.

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A young man guides his bicycle through office space

01.06.2023 CEST


Working at Vontobel

Bike to work challenge 2022 - 41'548 kilometers of legwork

24 keen Vontobel cycling teams - more than ever before - took up the challenge in May and June and even rode a little further in the bike to work months of 2022 than in the previous year. Six people won their seat in the bike to work lunch.

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The logo of the Advance Diversity Charter

09.08.2023 CEST


Working at Vontobel

Vontobel has signed the Advance Diversity Charter

Equal opportunities for women not only make absolute business sense – they should be a natural expectation in human society.

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A plaza with many people symbolizes diversity.

01.06.2023 CEST


Working at Vontobel

A reality check for the diversity debate

We would like to examine the Why and How of diversity from the perspective of a competitive company that is focused on achieving success and would draw parallels between our convictions as a firm and the public debate about this topic.

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