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One program – many options

The Vontobel Graduate Trainee Program offers training, support, networking and a community of diverse and international talents. A great way to start your career within the financial industry.

One Vontobel Graduate Trainee Program – Your development is key

No matter which specific Graduate Trainee Program you will join, you will benefit from the overall development and learning structure. Along your journey, we will support you with a tailored on-and off-the-job training, feedback and coaching, offer networking opportunities and your own budget for pursuing an external education (for example a CFA). Some of our programs contain a very tailored training plan and schedule (e.g. a trading license). Your program mentor and HR will also support you in finding an exciting job entry option when your program is coming to an end. At the same time, we rely on you to take initiative, provide feedback and drive your success during your 18-24 months. You are in the driver’s seat for your career!

Lay the foundation for your professional success with one of our Graduate Trainee Program tracks

These are the different options we offer within our Graduate Trainee Program. No matter which track you will start in, you will benefit from the full Graduate Trainee Program and learning structure. You can apply for multiple roles, however you will only be interviewed for one role.

One Vontobel – many reasons to join

Vontobel as supporter

We believe that business success, stability and sustainability go hand in hand. Vontobel therefore drives initiatives promoting sustainability and social responsibility. We see climate change as one of the greatest challenges for our society. We therefore make our products and processes as climate friendly as possible. As an example, we have been climate-neutral for more than 10 years now. We are a founding member of the Swiss Sustainable Finance Group, as well as the Corporate Support Group, with which we will be able to provide continuous and efficient humanitarian aid worldwide over the coming years. In addition, we are a supporter of the Munich Security Conference. We hold our own collection of art, and next to expanding it, we support leading institutions for modern art at selected locations, such as the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Practical advice

If you want to learn more about our different program offerings, you should apply for our two Info Days, one for Generalist positions, one for Tech-oriented positions. These Info Days are completely optional and have no impact on you being selected for interviews.
Note: there will be no intake for 2024.

More guidance:

We team up

Vontobel employees are enjoying a range of different events and group gatherings: From Christmas parties to our company ski-weekend and the occasional match at the foosball table in our cafeteria. The Vontobel headquarters in Zurich benefit from an incredible location. With a short walk from the lake of Zurich, many of our employees enjoy the luxury of a quick dive into the lake before and after work, or even during the lunch break.

One Vontobel

Bring yourself to work and shape Vontobel.
At Vontobel, we value the many voices within our teams. In all our business units, we strive to engage and promote talent of varying age and gender, with a diverse range of experience, from various cultural backgrounds. We are convinced that this diversity of perspectives leads to a better understanding of the needs of our clients and enables us to provide them with even more added value.

Vontobel Values

Your development


In this jungle of different development opportunities and trainings, it is difficult to choose which ones to pursue. During your GTP, your program supervisor will help you decide how to leverage your educational budget which you will dispose of. In addition, we support and help guide you throughout the program (and beyond).
Following our ownership-mindset, it will be up to you to drive your development and bring suggestions on your continued education.


The dates for the new intake are still to be confirmed.

Still have questions?

Please contact our Graduate Program Manager Annika (annika.neuteboom@vontobel.com)

Please note that we do not consider applications sent via Email.

Unlock your potential, take ownership and bring opportunities to life.
Be Vontobel.