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Vontobel has signed the Advance Diversity Charter

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Published on 09.08.2023 CEST

Equal opportunities for women not only make absolute business sense – they should be a natural expectation in human society. Unfortunately, as we all know, that is not yet the case, and we have to work actively on attracting and promoting female talent, female specialists and female leaders. Last week we have signed the Advance Diversity Charter.


The Advance Diversity Charter – promoting gender equality in busines


Vontobel has been a member of Advance, Switzerland's leading business association for gender equality, since March 2019. We believe that the efforts of associations like Advance Women are sorely needed to bring about societal and cultural change. To show our continued support to the organization and its cause, as well as to provide a tangible demonstration of a commitment to gender equality for our clients, stakeholders, candidates and employees, we have chosen to sign the Advance Diversity Charter which is a letter of intent for gender balance in Swiss business. This is another milestone on our Diversity & Inclusion road map for 2022.

The Advance Diversity Charter is a public commitment by signatory firms to gender equality in business, and hence a workplace environment that supports a fair and balanced approach to hiring, remunerating, promoting and retaining female talent. By signing the charter Vontobel commits to driving gender equality in everything we do. We will work to provide equal opportunity to women in the areas of recruitment, retention, training and development, and career progression. We also commit to ensure there are equal opportunities to achieve senior positions irrespective of gender.

Zeno Staub, former CEO of the Bank Vontobel, signs the Advance Diversity Charter
Ana Piubel signs the Advance Diversity Charter

"Thank you for moving the needle for gender parity at Vontobel. We count on passionate and committed people like you to make a difference."


Malvika Singh, Initiator and co-founder of Advance and honorary board member Founding partner of IMPACT, an international consulting and leadership development firm


Vontobel as a signatory organization pledges to promote gender diversity


  • having at least one member of the senior leadership team responsible for the topic of gender diversity and inclusion, and ensuring measures are followed through
    Caroline Knöri, Head Human Resources together with two additional D&I sponsors (Senior Leadership Team or Executive Board Member) and Ana Piubel as the Director of Diversity & Inclusion
  • setting internal targets for gender diversity and ensuring the intention to deliver against these internal targets
    • We aim to have at least 25% women with people leadership responsibilities by 2030 - actually we are at 18.2%
    • We aim to see at least 30% women with senior management rank (D, ED, MD) by 2030 - actually we are at 21.4%.
  • engaging in a regular dialogue with Advance on progress and impact, and by sharing best practices and challenges
    Close collaboration with Advance to ensure a workplace environment that supports a fair and balanced approach: sharing best practices, participating in different events & workshops, supporting initiatives, and nominating female talents to participate in the advance development program each year (skill building and other workshops, Mentoring Program).
  • striving for gender equality, including equal opportunities and pay We continue to apply a diversity lens to all people processes and ensure fairness.