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«We believe in young talents as a source of innovation. They provide us with a fresh look at our business and drive us to stay one step ahead of the times.»

Roger Studer, Head of Vontobel Investment Banking

Roger Studer



Why join Vontobel Investment Banking?

In everything we do, we focus on getting ahead. We don’t try to do everything, instead we concentrate on what we can do best. Because we are constantly determined to add value. Always.

At Vontobel we believe in the talent of our people and give them room to maneuver and take personal responsibility. We empower our colleagues to take ownership of their work and bring opportunities to live. Our Investment Banking is the market leader of structured products in Switzerland and our employees play a significant role in the market.

Our awards


Vontobel as a talent pool

The current yearbook «Die 30 wichtigsten Köpfe im Schweizer Markt für Strukturierte Produkte» underpins the importance of Vontobel as a talent pool. Several colleagues or former employees are part of the 30 leading persons in the Swiss derivative market.



Get the opportunity to make an impact

Vontobel is big enough to matter in the market but still small enough to pay attention to each of its collaborators. At Vontobel you have the chance to work closely together with our management. You get the opportunity to make an impact and to be noticed within our organization. Our GTP therefore represents an outstanding springboard for high potential talents looking for career opportunities.

Since the launch of the Vontobel GTP in 2011, more than 20 trainees have completed their program successfully. 80% of the participants are still working for Vontobel. Currently 20 young talents are participating in the program.


Further information

Find further information about the career opportunities at Vontobel in general, our programs, our blog, the corresponding application process and find out why to start your career at Vontobel.



Interested in a career at Vontobel?

Keep in mind the following dates of our application process:

Dec 2018 - Mar 2019 Application period
Apr 5, 2019 Meet our people @ the information day
Apr 2019 Application review
May-Jun 2019 Interview process
Oct 2019 Start GTP
Oct 2021 End of the GTP, find an exciting permanent job at Vontobel