One Vontobel Graduate Trainee Program – Your development is key

No matter which specific Graduate Trainee Program you will join, you will benefit from the overall development and learning structure. Along your journey, we will support you with a tailored on-and off-the-job training, feedback and coaching, offer networking opportunities and your own budget for pursuing an external education (for example a CFA). Some of our programs contain a very tailored training plan and schedule (e.g. a trading license). Your program mentor and HR will also support you in finding an exciting job entry option when your program is coming to an end. At the same time, we rely on you to take initiative, provide feedback and drive your success during your 18-24 months. You are in the driver’s seat for your career!



Lay the foundation for your professional success with one of our Graduate Trainee Program tracks

These are the different options we offer within our Graduate Trainee Program. No matter which track you will start in, you will benefit from the full Graduate Trainee Program and learning structure. You can apply for multiple roles, however you will only be interviewed for one role.

The application process for our Graduate Trainee Program kicking off October 2022 is now open. You will be able to submit your application by May 1, 2022. Please note that we only consider applications sent in via our system, please don’t send us your application via email.


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Job Title Division Job Category Location
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One Vontobel – many reasons to join

Georg: my motiviation
I joined Vontobel Structured Products Technology because, here it is understood, that IT is crucial to our success. Accordingly, the office is located right in the center of Zurich and tech employees enjoy all benefits and recognition. Vontobel is full of clever people and is quick to adapt new technologies and frameworks. It has all processes in place that are necessary for a tech company to succeed: scrum, code reviews, continuous integration and automated tests among others. Working in Financial IT more broadly is also a good choice: it provides a much deeper domain knowledge than other industries. Often, for us software engineers, it is essential to understand the background of financial products just the same way as our colleagues who are doing the actual trades. This combined knowledge is highly sought-after and provides a very good chance for long-term career progression.
Vontobel as supporter
Vontobel as supporter
We believe that business success, stability and sustainability go hand in hand. Vontobel therefore drives initiatives promoting sustainability and social responsibility.
We see climate change as one of the greatest challenges for our society. We therefore make our products and processes as climate friendly as possible. As an example, we have been climate-neutral for more than 10 years now.
We are a founding member of the Swiss Sustainable Finance Group, as well as the Corporate Support Group, with which we will be able to provide continuous and efficient humanitarian aid worldwide over the coming years. In addition, we are a supporter of the Munich Security Conference.
We hold our own collection of art, and next to expanding it, we support leading institutions for modern art at selected locations, such as the Pinakothek der Moderne.
Learn more on social sustainability and environmental sustainability at Vontobel.
Timo: my experience
The reorganization of Vontobel in 2019 and Covid-19 has shaken the GTP as much as the entire organization. That was a challenge for many employees and for me as a Graduate Trainee as well. However, after the reorganization dust settled a little bit, things changed. The program looks even more colorful than it did before the start in 2019, and I can clearly see that the change is positive and offers numerous opportunities. After a year in the GTP, I have met so many inspiring people, got to know a completely new corporate culture and acquired specific knowledge within my Distribution & Investments track, so that I can confidently say I would do the GTP again.
We team up
We team up
Vontobel employees are enjoying a range of different events and group gatherings: From Christmas parties to our company ski-weekend and the occasional match at the foosball table in our cafeteria. The Vontobel headquarters in Zurich benefit from an incredible location. With a short walk from the lake of Zurich, many of our employees enjoy the luxury of a quick dive into the lake before and after work, or even during the lunch break.
Furthermore, we come together for…
  • hiking & skiing
  • curling
  • ice hockey
  • football
  • a golf tournament
  • table tennis
  • motorcycling
  • tennis
  • <...> and your sport could go here!
Practical advice
Practical advice
If you want to learn more about our different program offerings, you should apply for our two Info Days, one for Generalist positions, one for Tech-oriented positions. The applications open in December. These Info Days are completely optional and have no impact on you being selected for interviews. More guidance:
When applying, please put the most effort into your CV, don’t forget to tell us about all the extracurricular things that you have been doing! You will be able to submit a motivation letter, this is not required for GTP positions.
We encourage you to submit your application in English.
When preparing for your interviews: Think about why we could be a fit for you and you for us. We are excited about an ownership mindset, so definitely think about concrete examples where you showed ownership in your past that you could share with us.
You have been selected? How to prepare for your start at Vontobel:
Congratulations and don’t worry! You will start together as a group of circa 30 Graduate Trainees and the first 2-3 days will be all about connecting with the group and figuring out the first steps together.
Yannick: my journey
Before becoming a Graduate Trainee at Vontobel, I was studying at the University of Zurich, where I successfully completed my Master Degree in Banking and Finance. However, my professional career started much earlier at an aircraft manufacturer, where I graduated from an apprenticeship as an IT System Engineer. I was not only looking for a position, where I could use my financial knowledge, but also my technical expertise. Therefore, when I found the GTP in Trading & Structuring I was excited! The program’s focus on risk management, trading and structuring meant that I get to use my technological expertise working with the latest tech in the field.
Your development
Your development

In this jungle of different development opportunities and trainings, it is difficult to choose which ones to pursue. During your GTP, your program supervisor will help you decide how to leverage your educational budget which you will dispose of. In addition, we support and help guide you throughout the program (and beyond).
Following our ownership-mindset, it will be up to you to drive your development and bring suggestions on your continued education.

At Vontobel, we use internal and external learning platforms to continue our development. We are leveraging local & global providers and coaches with state of the art virtual programs and in-person trainings, as degreed, intution, udemy, linkedin and many more.

During your GTP, we bring the full group together for a scheduled learning program, kicking off with a joint-onboarding and continuing with Lunch and Learns as well as networking opportunities.
Vontobel Values
Vontobel Values
Driven by an ownership mindset, we stand for empowerment and personal responsibility. At Vontobel, we cultivate an ownership mindset: we give our people room to maneuver and empower them in every position to take personal responsibility. Possessing this mindset means taking ownership of your business and achieving your full potential as a specialist and as a human being.

We embrace independent thinking to capitalize upon the future. Foresight means that we want to harvest the full potential of the future for our clients, for us, and for the communities we live in. To do so, we embrace independent thinking and promote creativity to develop insights that translate into opportunities that make a difference.

Our determination to stay on course, helps us overcome hurdles in order to put our clients ahead of the curve. It means that we never stop, always continuing to go the extra mile, constantly improving and learning to work ever smarter. Tenacity refers to our determination to overcome hurdles and remove obstacles in order to put our clients ahead of the curve. It means that we never stop, always continuing to go the extra mile, constantly improving and learning to work ever smarter.

Change is inevitable, but opportunity is not — it must be actively pursued. We are looking for talent who see themselves reflected in this mindset.
One Vontobel
One Vontobel
Bring yourself to work and shape Vontobel.
At Vontobel, we value the many voices within our teams. In all our business units, we strive to engage and promote talent of varying age and gender, with a diverse range of experience, from various cultural backgrounds. We are convinced that this diversity of perspectives leads to a better understanding of the needs of our clients and enables us to provide them with even more added value.

Vontobel is committed to create a great workplace with cultural diversity, equal opportunities and exchange between generations. We are looking forward to welcoming a diverse group of international talent from different study backgrounds, schools and countries for our Graduate Trainee Program.

“As a Swiss company, which both excels in the home market and serves clients internationally, we place great value on diversity. We understand that mixed teams cultivate a culture of discussion and develop the new ideas needed for success. With their diverse perspectives, they better understand our client's requirements, and therefore deliver better solutions.”
Dr. Zeno Staub, CEO Vontobel


More information

Learn more about our individual program tracks here. If you would like to meet us, you can apply for our two virtual and live Info events, providing a more in depth view our different programs and where you will be able to meet with our Program Mentors and/or Module Coaches.

Apply for our Info Events (just your CV is enough):

  • Tech Info Event – Wednesday, April 6, 2022 (focusing on our tech-oriented Graduate Trainee Programs)
  • Generalist Info Event – Wednesday, April 13, 2022 (focusing on our Generalist-oriented Trainee Programs)

An application or attendance at the Infoday is fully optional and is not required for a successful program start.


Applications window: February 1st until Mai 1st, 2022
Feedback to your application: May 2022
Interviews May 2022
Feedback to your Interviews: End of May / early June 2022
Start of all Graduate Trainee Programs: October 1st, 2022


Still have questions?

Please contact our Graduate Program Manager Laura.



Laura Simkiss

Global Program Manager GTP