Graduate Trainee Program

Developer Client Touchpoints

The GTP «Developer Client Touchpoints» covers all aspects of implementing and delivering client experience – from backend to frontend, with a specific focus on integration to support an agile and continuous value generating delivery model. Separately you will dive into the world of digital marketing to round off the client journey from reaching potential clients to engaging with actual clients!

To transform existing business models and become a champion in the world of digital services, the client journey and its technical implementation is a skill that needs to be mastered. This is not something that can be outsourced to any company or bought off the rack. It is one of the differentiating characteristics of the future!

At the same time it is a technological challenge with a number of different technical skills and frameworks that need to be mastered while never losing the client focus.

This GTP program is designed to provide you with a broad foundation in the various aspects that play a vital role in delivering valued client touchpoints.

Developer Client Touchpoints Program modules:

  • Digital Services Platform (Backend)
  • APIs
  • Application Security
  • Front End Development
  • Marketing Automation


  • Gain expertise in all aspects of developing client touchpoints in the financial services industry
  • Learn the fundamentals of marketing automation within a data driven company
  • Generate real client value and be close to the client!

Candidate profile

  • Master's degree in IT, Business IT or similar
  • Dedicated for graduate functions, preferably with little relevant practical experience
  • Technical know-how in front end / app technology stack
  • Innovative & creative mind, very good interpersonal skills
  • Pro-active attitude, client oriented, team player
  • Inquisitive personality with high self-motivation and drive for personal development
  • Very good communication skills in German and English
  • Swiss or EU citizen


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