Graduate Trainee Program

Transaction Banking

Transaction Banking offers banks, financial institutions and professional traders business-to-business services from one source. The partnership allows clients to further strengthen their offering by focusing on their core competencies and client-related, differentiating activities.


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Vontobel's Transaction Banking can fulfil the need of procuring everything from a single source. This reduces complexity in supply management and reduces costs further.

Transaction Banking modules:

  • Smart Order Routing
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Project Management


Candidate profile

  • Master's degree in finance, IT, business IT, mathematics or physics
  • Dedicated for graduate functions, preferably with little relevant practical experience
  • Interest in electronic algorithmic trading
  • Analytical and structured thinking
  • Pro-active attitude, team player, able to work under pressure
  • Willing to complete additional training courses
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • CH or EU citizen


Insights from our graduate



  • B.Sc. in Economics and M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance from UFSC and Ph.D. from ETH-Zurich
  • Worked as a researcher for the past 5 years on applied statistics, financial markets and technology

What convinced you about this program?
I knew that I wanted to explore the intersection of technology and algorithm trading. Hence, when I became familiar with Vontobel Algorithm Trading Project I knew that it was something extremely insteresting to be involved with, given the complexity of dealing with market micro-structure. Adding to the equation the personal, environment and freedom provided by Vontobel to pursue these goals was more than enough reasons for me to join the program.

What has been your personal highlight in your program so far?
1. Learning about Financial Markets Micro-Structure and how inefficiencies can be exploited via cutting edge technology in order to benefit our clients.
2. Being able to learn the necessary skills through courses or through Vontobel’s highly qualified staff.
3. Direct contact with projects that will keep Vontobel delivering the edge in terms of trading technology.

What is your advice for anyone interested in this GTP?
If you have a deep interest, like me, on understanding how financial markets work, the fast pace it reacts to information and how one can proper position oneself in order to respond accordingly to these swings in order to get the edge, I guarantee that this position will overshoot your expectations.


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