As a private client, you benefit from our comprehensive range of investment products and solutions.

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Wealth services

We support and advise you on all aspects of pension planning, so you can enjoy every phase of your life.

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Investment philosophy

Our Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy® is based on the conviction that by actively managing your assets, we can generate added value for you.

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How we look after you

We look after your assets actively and proactively — for generations. We pursue a holistic approach, monitoring the markets precisely, anticipating trends and opportunities, and developing individual solutions.

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Sustainable investing

Sustainable investing is not a trend, but a permanent feature of our business. By taking advantage of our product, you will promote exemplary companies over the long term, avoid controversial sectors of industry, and at the same time reduce the risks in your portfolio.

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Geopolitics , Insights , Videos by Dan Scott

Avoiding further lockdowns at all costs

Markets have seen a strong recovery from the March lows and we maintain our positive stance. Low interest rates and recovery in global macro will continue to be a driver. We are watching the spike in new coronavirus infections with concern but do not expect further lockdowns. Meanwhile, US elections could increasingly become a source of volatility for the market.

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