Advisory for you and your assets that is a perfect fit

With the focus on you, your wishes and goals

You decide which services fit you and how you want to make use of them.

Your personal Relationship Manager

You, your wishes and goals are our number one priority. We attach great importance to continuity and long-term sustainability in our business relationships. That is why it is our special concern that your Relationship Manager remains your personal and competent contact person over a span of many years. Our approach ensures that not only the members of the team are there for you, but that you also have additional experts at your disposal.

Dual support concept

It is you who decides how you would like to be looked after: personally by your Relationship Manager, or online through our digital platform Vontobel Wealth. We offer innovative, high-quality digital solutions that can provide relevant support to the personal advice we give you. To what degree you would like to connect the one with the other depends on your preferences.

Services that are a perfect fit

We offer you a wealth of different mandate types – be it as managed solutions or as advisory services. They can be complemented with further services, such as financing solutions as well as advice on specific questions concerning pension, succession or estate planning. Of course, dependent on your personal preferences a combination might also be a sensible choice.

Vontobel services at a glance

Vontobel Managed Solutions
  Vontobel Advisory Services
Vontobel Diversifier   Vontobel Impulse
Vontobel Conviction   Vontobel Initiatives
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Vontobel Opportunities    
Vontobel Special    
  Vontobel Compose  
Financing Solutions and Wealth Services
Financing Solutions
Wealth Services


Investor protection and transparency

At Vontobel, protecting our clients’ wealth is our mission. In a world of growing uncertainty and complexity, this has become an even more important topic.

As a company built on foresight, personal responsibility and ownership, we understand that asset and client protection, as well as increased transparency, are core guiding principles in a business relationship. Principles that will allow both parties – you, as our client, and Vontobel as your service and solution provider – to better master future complexity.

For further details regarding the topics of investor protection and transparency in the framework of the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and our brochure "Information on Investor Protection" we refer you to our respective information page.