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Investing by means of a mandate solution allows you to keep the big picture in view – and in the easiest possible way. To ensure that you always have the agility and flexibility you need, all of our mandates can be tailored to your individual requirements and expectations.

Your freedom

You make one decision – after that, it’s us who stay on the ball for you. With our experts taking care of optimizing your investments, you yourself are freed from the need to make day-to-day decisions. Short and sweet: You have more time for the important things in life.

Your advantages

Vontobel reacts quickly and effectively to changes and opportunities in the market that can be realized via your mandate. And since your mandate provides full transparency into its performance, you can see and follow what is happening at any time.



Our mandates

Investors aiming to achieve performance on par with the market itself often rely on passive index strategies such as those offered by ETFs. Our aim is to outperform the market – and to do so with a comparable degree of risk. That’s why our philosophy at Vontobel is to operate as an active investor.

High five for discretionary mandates: With managed solutions, experts take care of the tactical asset allocation

In Wealth Management, you can recognize active investing by the Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy®. It aims to generate the famous “alpha” from three sources of return: through diversification, by making investments based on strong convictions, and by identifying individual opportunities. For your benefit, we combine this approach with our other core competencies to create multi-asset Vontobel 3-alpha asset mandates.

Would you like to invest in individual, sustainably successful companies? Our Specials mandates give you this opportunity, supported by our equity research and a quality approach we adhere to strictly.

We offer Specials mandates in these areas

  • Swiss equities
  • European equities
  • US equities
  • Global equities
  • Global dividend achievers
  • Global bonds


  • Vontobel Diversifier

    Make asset class-specific investments in equities or bonds

    This mandate offers a robust portfolio that invests in global bond and equity markets. Alternative investments can also be included. The mandate is implemented by making a selection of indexed and active investment instruments. In addition, investors benefit from investment products we have developed in-house, which among other approaches invest in stock markets using “smart indexing,” an effective index strategy. The Diversifier mandate provides solid diversification not only across asset classes, but also across regions, sectors, and types of investment instrument.


    Vontobel Diversifier offers you the following advantages:

    • Broad diversification
    • Long-term orientation
    • Mix of passive and active investment instruments


    1 of 2 Allocation by asset class
    2 of 2 Diversified, efficient investments in global capital markets
  • Vontobel Conviction

    A discretionary investment solution based on dynamic asset allocation, providing access to quality and growth strategies executed in global financial markets and in line with attractive investment themes (e.g. megatrends).

    This mandate offers you a global portfolio that invests in assets Vontobel considers particularly convincing.  It follows the tactical decisions of our Investment Committee regarding asset allocation, while the assessment of individual investment opportunities is based on the expertise of Vontobel’s in-house economists and strategists. In the equities area, the focus is on quality shares with high market potential. In addition, we invest in line with high-potential megatrend themes, identifying target companies that should benefit from structural growth. The mandate is implemented by means of passive and active funds.


    Vontobel Conviction offers you the following advantages

    • Dynamic asset allocation
    • Attractive, blue-chip companies
    • Megatrends


    1 of 2 Allocation by asset class
    2 of 2 Diversified, efficient investments in global capital markets + targeted convincing investments

    Conviction Sustainable

    If you consider issues such as sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical corporate behavior important, Vontobel Conviction Sustainable is a good choice for you. Here, you can combine the quality criteria already used for the Conviction mandate with additional sustainability criteria. You’ll find more detailed information on sustainability at the link below.

    Find out more about sustainable investing

  • Vontobel Opportunities

    A discretionary investment solution offering exclusive access to the global financial markets, making use of all sources of return

    This mandate offers a global portfolio that invests in line with highly convincing, broadly diversified themes (blue-chip equities and megatrends) as well as in short-term market opportunities. Its focus is on future-oriented companies that are tackling significant challenges and can therefore represent significant investment opportunities. On your behalf, the mandate makes use of our independent, in-house research capabilities and even applies artificial intelligence to the task of identifying attractive return opportunities. Encompassing a broad investment universe, your portfolio would include passive and active funds, individual equities, and alternative investments.


    Vontobel Opportunities offers you the following advantages:

    • Dynamic asset allocation and broad diversification
    • Robust risk management
    • Exploitation of short-term market opportunities


    1 of 2 Allocation by asset class
    2 of 2 Diversified, efficient investments in global capital markets + targeted convincing investments + specific market opportunities
  • Vontobel Specials

    In addition to multi-asset portfolios, Vontobel also offers mandates with a clear focus. In the equities area, the focus is on blue-chip companies with high market potential. In the area of bonds, we make use of both direct investments and funds.


    A discretionary investment solution with easy access to global financial markets

    Discretionary mandate with a focus on Swiss equities Equities Switzerland
    Discretionary mandate with a focus on European equities Equities EMU
    Discretionary portfolio management with a focus on US equities Equities USA
    Discretionary wealth management with a focus on global equities Equities global
    Discretionary portfolio management with a focus on dividend stocks Dividend achievers global
    Discretionary wealth management with a focus on global bonds Bonds global


    Vontobel Specials offers you the following advantages:

    • Special focus
    • Direct investments
    • Active portfolio management





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Vadim Safranov, Head Client Portfolio Management, on Vontobel’s investment focus

“We are convinced that we can create value for you by actively managing your assets.”
Vadim Safranov, Head Client Portfolio Management, overseeing the discretionary mandate performance with his team




A discretionary multi-asset mandate


Active portfolio management

Comprising a selection of blue-chip equities and price-efficient funds, your portfolio is professionally designed, managed, and monitored


Dynamic asset allocation

Your asset allocation is consistently revised, in line with the guidelines of our Investment Committee. Then, potential individual investments are assessed based on the expertise of our in-house economists and strategists


Investment decision and trading

Once the investment decision is made, the corresponding trades are placed immediately for your portfolio



Multi-asset portfolios are optimally composed, very broadly diversified portfolios that are managed according to a structured investment process






Financial planning and consulting

Thanks to an early analysis of your pension situation and the definition of your long-term goals, we will support you in preparation of your retirement with a clear focus. Our financial planning takes into consideration your personal needs, life goals, and expectations. Tailored to your needs and goals, we analyze your current financial situation and present various other future scenarios. This provides you with a sound basis for making important decisions about your future. Furthermore, it gives you a detailed overall view of your assets and their performance, and any potential optimizations. Take control of your future by a progressive structuring of your assets.





Finally, a different way to invest

With Volt, you design your portfolio as you want it, have your investments actively managed by experienced investment professionals, and if you want, even make an impact on the world – all with a sustainable approach.







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Any questions?

Our team will be happy to assist you.
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+41 58 283 5997



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