Sustainable investing

A tradition of vision and responsibility

Our sustainable solutions enable you to align your investment decisions with your personal values. By taking advantage of the options we offer, you are also promoting companies that over the long term have demonstrated exemplary sustainability practices, while at the same time reducing the risks in your portfolio.

Since the day it was founded, Bank Vontobel has been committed to sustainability. This means above all that when we take action, it’s with a long-term view in mind – and in the interest of our clients. It means that we are socially engaged as well.

Precisely when it comes to investing, far-sighted thinking is valuable. With our sustainable solutions, we give you the opportunity to consciously integrate this approach into your investment activities.

Investment in companies with top sustainability ratings

Our mandates take into consideration an investment universe that excludes controversial industrial sectors and products. They are focused on companies with an excellent sustainability rating in the areas of the environment, social issues and governance.

Individual, standard or structured – but always sustainable

If you wish, we can incorporate your values and convictions into your portfolio by designing for you an individual mandate. However, you can also opt for a standard mandate, which is based on the sustainability approach we have developed at Vontobel Wealth Management. In addition, you will have access to a variety of sustainably managed investment funds, and you can also execute long-term investments by making use of structured products.

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