Our Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy® is based on the conviction that by actively managing your assets, we can generate added value for you. The focus here is on three sources of return – also called alpha.

In the Vontobel 3ɑ Investment Philosophy®, the main pillar – the first alpha – is broad diversification, meaning that your assets are spread across several types of investments. This makes a robust asset allocation across different asset classes and currencies possible, and also reduces the typical risks associated with traditional asset classes.

Investments that we find convincing in the medium to long term are the second possible source of return, and thus the second alpha of our investment philosophy. Here we focus on quality equities as well as on themes such as economic changes and trends.

The third alpha is achieved by taking advantage of short-term investment opportunities. By closely observing the market and flexibly taking action, we are able to react quickly to the smallest developments and create investment opportunity.

Vontobel 3 alpha investment philosophy

Depending on the extent to which you want to take advantage of these specific sources of return, you have a choice of different investment options available.

We invest in a risk-conscious way. We evaluate the diversification of your portfolio across multiple asset classes and the risks of individual investments in your portfolio by means of the “value-at-risk” approach¹.

With this type of risk monitoring, you benefit from a more flexible implementation of your investment targets and receive more transparency about the risks that your investment strategy is based on. We also show counterparty risks in your portfolio in a way that is appropriately simple and clear.

Scenario analyses complete our risk assessment. Using these analyses, we will show you how past crises would have influenced your portfolio.

Our risk engine that we developed ourselves covers all asset classes with more than 450,000 instruments and calculates risk taking around 140 risk factors into account. In only a few milliseconds, the overall risk can be calculated for an average portfolio with approximately 20 positions.

¹Value at risk indicates the loss that you will not exceed in nine out of ten average years. In other words, your loss may be higher than the declared value once every ten years on average. Our calculations are based on a probability of 90 percent and a holding period of one year.



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