Charitable foundations

Comprehensive foundation management

When it comes to establishing and managing charitable foundations, we have an exceptional track record. We have successfully managed a wide variety of foundations in addition to our own Bank Vontobel Charitable Foundation, whose assets we also manage.

We provide a comprehensive foundation management service, extending from its initial set-up to managing it in line with the foundation purpose. In other words, we can take over all the administrative matters for you, executing them proactively on your behalf.

But perhaps you would rather not establish your own foundation. As an alternative, the Bank Vontobel Charitable Foundation is available as a vehicle for donations, legacies and inheritances.

Establishing your own foundation

Have you been giving thought to the idea of establishing your own foundation in order to do good, even beyond your lifetime?

Our foundation management offers you a wide range of services:

  • We advise and support you in establishing a foundation.
  • We take over the accounting and prepare its financial reports for submission to the relevant supervisory body.
  • We process applications for financial support, prepare meetings of the foundation’s Board of Trustees and execute their decisions.
  • In the case of an already existing foundation, we analyze together with you how best to achieve the foundation’s aim.


An alternative to your own foundation: the "Bank Vontobel Charitable Foundation"

The "Bank Vontobel Charitable Foundation" offers you an alternative to setting up your own foundation, nevertheless allowing you to support charitable projects of your choice.

This foundation supports projects within Switzerland and surrounding countries, addressing the following thematic areas:

Social issues

Combating poverty, hunger and unemployment; providing clean drinking water, food, shelter and medical care


Supporting projects in the fields of literature, music, the fine arts, film-making and the preservation of historical monuments


Protecting the environment and wildlife and promoting biodiversity, while taking account of sustainability criteria


Supporting educational projects for young people and encouraging responsible conduct


Promoting public health and researching and cultivating new treatment methods

Making use of the "Bank Vontobel Charitable Foundation" offers you the following advantages: 

  • You determine the areas in which your assets will be applied.
  • Your donation benefits the target projects directly, because Bank Vontobel assumes the costs of running the Foundation.
  • You save the costs of setting up and managing your own foundation.
  • The "Bank Vontobel Charitable Foundation" is exempt from taxation. Gifts made during the donors' lifetimes, or in accordance with their wills, are tax-exempt in most Swiss cantons. Donations are also tax deductible.
  • Our Foundation is neutral in terms of political or religious activities, and is regulated by Switzerland’s Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations.

Further information

Do you have any questions concerning our foundation services? We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information and advice.

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