Vontobel achieves a good result in 2020

Media release
2/11/2021 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

  • Very good net new money of CHF 14.8 billion
  • Growth in net new money of 7.4%, significantly exceeding target range
  • Advised client assets up by 10% to CHF 248.2 billion
  • Robust gross margins in all businesses – despite general pressure on margins – underscore client focus and product quality
  • Pre-tax profit grew by 5% to CHF 321.0 million
  • Stable operating income of CHF 1,266 million, with good earnings quality
  • Business model is focused on recurring income
  • Improvement in cost/income ratio to 74.1% compared to previous year
  • Good return on equity of 13.3% generated on the basis of 4% higher shareholders’ equity
  • Robust capital position: Tier 1 capital ratio of 19.8%, far exceeding capital requirements
  • Forward-looking changes to the Board of Directors
  • Good start to 2021