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Vontobel enters the Norwegian leveraged products market and expands its presence in Northern Europe


Published on 04.04.2022 CEST

Vontobel is today launching a range of leveraged products in Norway as it continues to grow its presence in Nordic markets. The investment firm now ranks as one of the leading European providers in Northern Europe. Vontobel’s offering in Norway is targeted at both private clients and institutional investors.

Vontobel has long been a leading provider of leveraged products in Switzerland and has established itself as one of the top providers in Europe in the last five years. It has successfully entered the Swedish, Finnish and Danish markets in recent years and is today one of the largest independent issuers of leveraged products in Northern Europe.

Vontobel is making its market debut in Norway by offering bull & bear certificates publicly on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM). Bull & bear certificates offer a simple and efficient way to profit from stable trends in both rising and falling markets by leveraging the daily price performance of a reference instrument (a share or an index).

The product offering gives private and institutional investors in Norway the opportunity to execute individual trading strategies in line with their specific risk profiles. Leveraged products are suitable for active investors seeking to actively trade with a broad range of asset classes in bull and bear scenarios. More risk-averse equity investors can use these products for portfolio protection.

Growth strategy

Vontobel intends to gradually expand its product range with the addition of other categories such as tracker certificates which, like ETFs or funds, replicate transparent and rules-based strategies, sectors or megatrends. Vontobel also intends to extend its future Norwegian product portfolio with the inclusion of mini futures and turbo warrants. These types of leveraged products are quite popular in Sweden and Finland and include a knock-out level, thus giving investors opportunities for swing trading and to set up longer-term leveraged portfolio positions.

Leveraged investment products enable investors to combine different asset categories and a variety of risk and return profiles. Moreover, these products provide access to a wide range of markets, share indexes, sectors, commodities and currencies, many of which are not usually open to private investors. Further, the leverage component of these products allows investors to invest more efficiently with less capital.

"We are seeing strong demand for leveraged products – especially bull & bear certificates – from private investors and institutional clients in Norway. Combined with our many years of expertise in this product category, this creates the ideal conditions for Vontobel’s entry into the Norwegian market for leveraged products," explained Heiko Geiger, Head Flow Products Distribution at Bank Vontobel Europe AG.

With an initial offering of more than 600 bull & bear certificates on indices, commodities and leading Norwegian, European and US equities, investors will be able to execute their individual trading strategies. In addition to tactical investments with leverage using specific market opportunities, Norwegian investors can also use bear certificates to protect and hedge their stock and fund portfolios. Vontobel provides market access to various asset classes with long and short positions and personalized risk levels. This enables retail clients to invest with the same degree of sophistication as professional investors.

"Developing and selling leveraged products is one of Vontobel's core competencies. We have 30 years of experience in this sector. Investors can rely on our deep knowhow, successful platform strategy and leading market making. Our integrated trading environment, cost-efficient processes and innovative platforms are key factors driving our European success," Geiger explained.

Bank Vontobel Europe AG will be responsible for the distribution, pricing and trading of the leveraged products. The issuer is Vontobel Financial Products GmbH in Germany.


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