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Thanks to their flexibility and short time-to-market, structured products offer investors timely solutions in a dynamic market environment. There is a diverse array of possible designs to choose from, covering different investment objectives.

We meet the discerning needs of our clients, private and professional alike, by delivering our expertise throughout the entire value chain. We offer access to a large number of markets and asset classes with a wide range of existing products and promising investment themes. And in so doing we develop solutions that can open up advantages for you.

We harness our technology leadership in the development of online platforms, and in deritrade® we have the pioneering market platform for structured products, allowing you to bring products and prices together and make transparent comparisons.

Meanwhile our deritrade® Smart Guide uses innovative technological analysis intelligence that directly accesses the vast amounts of digital data held on our Multi Issuer Platform to develop bespoke product alternatives and concise indications of market opportunities. And all of this is delivered in real time, allowing relationship managers and their clients to compare potential purchases in a broader context, and ensuring much greater transparency when it comes to making decisions. Explore the world of structured products with us. 

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