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Thematic investing

Themes that are moving the world – and the markets

Find out how you can systematically integrate thematic investments into your portfolio.

Thematic Investing: Adapt and thrive

Do you like scoring wins based on know-how that other investors don’t have (yet)? Thematic Investing allows you to invest in themes that are near and dear to you.

We provide you with the needed support so your favorite theme can become more than just a matter of the heart, but rather a chance to adapt an thrive.

  • Smart Farming & FoodTech
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Robotics
  • E-Commerce

These are just a few of the major structural trends that could change our everyday lives: changes that are coming about due to the rapid progress that our society is going through. In short, these changes are affecting every dimension of our lives: environmental, demographic, socio-economic, as well as behavioral.

These profound changes won’t spare the economy and the corporations within it. Accordingly, many investors are asking themselves:

“Who will benefit from these changes?”

The main goal of Thematic Investing is to anticipate changes and take advantage of them, in order to identify today possible structural winners of tomorrow – as early as possible.

The greatest success beckons companies that are winning with flexibility

Find out which thematic investments we can offer you at Vontobel, and what market observations and considerations we incorporate into the selection of thematic equities.

Thematic Investments in focus


The conceptual base for thematic investments is our proven Megatrends Model. They allow us to think outside the box when looking at individual thematic areas. In turn, it is possible to systematically grasp interrelationships and dependencies.
Did you know?

Diversification is the basis

Thematic investments are suitable for building on an already diversified portfolio. However, they are less suitable if you are only initiating diversification.

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