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Advice on inheritance

Create clarity for your loved ones early on

Estate planning: why it’s never too early

Many people want to hand down assets to their loved ones when they pass away. With careful estate planning, you can ensure your estate is distributed according to your specifications and save your surviving dependents a lot of administrative effort at a difficult time.

Ensure all final questions are answered

Our estate planning is tailored to your personal life situation. What concerns do you have? What issues are particularly relevant for you? Let’s discuss these together. We will examine your situation and outline possible areas of action in an initial consultation:

  • What precautions can you take today in case you lose capacity of judgement?
  • How can you best protect your loved ones?
  • What options do you have for structuring your estate according to your wishes?
  • How can you optimize taxes when passing on your assets?
  • What should you take into account when it comes to gifts or advance payments on inheritance?
  • What will happen to your 2nd and 3rd pillar funds?
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Have you discovered a topic you would like to discuss? Would you like to review your existing financial planning and are looking for recommendations on how to optimize it? Would you like to discuss your wealth planning with our experts?

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Portrait von Tobias Vinzent - Head Wealth Planning

Tobias Vinzent

Head Wealth Planning

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Bettina Rösch

Head Wealth Services CH

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Burak Ak

Head Financial Planning

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