Comprehensive advice on your financial future.

When it comes to wealth services, we focus on planning your financial future. Our specialists can advise you about all financial matters and always keep the big picture in mind. We also offer you a broad range of solutions. We can help you regardless of whether you are dealing with your succession planning as an entrepreneur, working out inheritance issues, or focusing on your personal pension planning.


Optimal financial and pension planning services for all phases of your life.

Financial planning and consulting

Modern pension planning solutions for private individuals and entrepreneurs.

Pension planning solutions

Advice and help with succession planning for your company.

Succession planning

Individual estate planning so that you can pass on your assets the way you want to.

Estate planning



Free analysis of your pension situation

Get your pension planning and asset situation up to date—and take advantage of the knowledge of our experts. Arrange free initial advisory consultation* or give us a call: +41 58 283 64 46

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*The optimization discussion is suitable for people who have assets, property, and/or pension plans and who wish to assess investment opportunities and alternatives. The free discussion is limited to 60 minutes.



Financial planning and consulting

You can prepare for your retirement in a targeted way by looking at your pension situation at an early stage and planning for your retirement long term. We work together with you to create a planning platform that is the basis for important decisions or unexpected events. So that you can secure your standard of living in the long-term.
Our financial planning focuses on your unique personal needs, goals in life, and expectations. We work together with you to create long-term solutions and thoroughly prepare you for the future.

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  • We will discuss these issues with you at an initial meeting

    -  How can you optimize your retirement plan?

    -  What benefits can you expect from your pension plan?

    -  What projects and investments would you like to realize in the future?

    -  What should you consider if you take early retirement?

    -  Which asset structure is optimal for you if you have funds in the 2nd and 3rd pillar?




Pension planning solutions

We offer modern pension planning solutions for private individuals and entrepreneurs that combine the tax advantages of pension instruments with modern, professional investment management. Use the tax benefits of pillars 2 and 3, and retain control of your investment strategy with complete transparency about costs and performance at all times.

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Succession planning for entrepreneurs

We help owners of family businesses optimize their personal and corporate wealth. We assist you when it comes to passing your company along to the next generation or if you plan to sell your company. 
We also include tax aspects in our long-term pension and financial planning for you. And we show you viable, solid models for a possible succession plan.

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Estate planning

Careful estate planning is normally necessary so that you can pass on your assets in a way that is right for you. The legally prescribed provisions for succession will not always correspond to your own ideas. With a pension mandate, you can determine at an early stage who will take care of your matters if you are incapable of making decisions in the future. Our specialists will help you prepare a pension mandate, make a will, with questions of inheritance, or with questions about assuming the role of executor.

Arrange an initial meeting


  • We will discuss these issues with you at an initial meeting

    -  What preparations can you make now to address a possible future incapacity to make decisions?

    -  How can you best assure that your loved ones are properly taken care of?

    -  What options do you have for structuring your estate according to your own wishes?

    -  How can you pass on your assets in a way that is as tax-optimized as possible?

    -  What do you have to take into consideration in the case of gifting or arranging a hereditary withdrawal?

    -What will happen to your money in the second and third pillars?




Other topics that may interest you



Advisory services

We provide you with comprehensive support when investing your assets in line with your investment strategy.

Our advisory services


Charitable foundations

When it comes to establishing and managing charitable foundations, we have an exceptional track record. 

Charitable foundations



Financing solutions

With the flexible financing solutions from Vontobel, you can create freedom for financial maneuver.

Our financing solutions


Discretionary mandates

You entrust us with the management of your assets, benefiting from our extensive investment expertise.

Discover our discretionary mandates


Let our experts advise you without any obligation.


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