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Our specialists advise you on all aspects of the transfer of your assets to the next generation.

Vontobel Estate Planning

With a pension plan mandate, there are possibilities to determine at an early stage what should be done in the case of your future incapacity to make decisions yourself. In addition, the legally prescribed provisions for succession will not always correspond to your own ideas. In order that you can pass on your assets as you wish, therefore, careful estate planning is needed. Our specialists will assist you in the preparation of a pension mandate, in the preparation of a will, on questions of inheritance, or in assuming the role of executor.

Together with you, we can work out solutions for the following:

  • Plan of action and definition of the required legal documents for your inheritance plans
  • Advice on the valuation of your estate – especially corporate assets, real estate, antiques, collections, etc.
  • Advice on and drafting of all legal documents for wills, marital or cohabitation agreements, pension mandates or loan agreements, deeds of gifts, etc; we will support you throughout this process up to the signature and execution of these legal documents
  • Safekeeping of your documents
  • Acting as an executor on behalf of your estate and completing preparations for the distribution of your assets
  • Comprehensive management of charitable foundations


A first step that pays off: a personal advisory discussion

Your current life situation is the starting point of our estate planning. What individual wishes do you want to pursue and what issues are preoccupying you? Let us discuss these questions together. In a personal initial discussion, we will take a close look at your personal situation and present you with possible areas of action.

These are the questions we will address in an estate planning solution:

  • What can you already do now to address a possible future incapacity?
  • How can you best assure that your loved ones are properly taken care of?
  • What options do you have for structuring your estate according to your own wishes?
  • What do you have to take into consideration in the case of gifting or arranging a hereditary withdrawal?
  • How can you pass on your assets in a way that is as tax-optimized as possible?
  • What will happen to the money in your second and third pillars?


Further information

Do you have any questions about our advisory service? We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information and advice.

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