Financial planning

Comprehensive financial planning: well prepared for any event

We develop together with you a planning platform which forms the basis for important decisions or unexpected events. So you can secure your standard of living in the long term.

The focus of our financial planning is on your very personal needs, life goals and expectations. Together we work out far-sighted solutions and prepare you comprehensively for the future.

Our specialists advise you in particular on the following subjects:

  • Optimal preparation and planning to assure your wishes can be realized
  • Withdrawing your pension capital as a lump sum or as a monthly retirement pension
  • Voluntary contributions into your pension plan, staggered withdrawals of your pension benefits, and the relevant tax planning
  • Affordability of your mortgage after retirement
  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Securing liquidity and optimizing your overall asset allocation
  • Designing a pension mandate


A first step that pays off: assessing your current situation

Your current life situation is the starting point of our financial planning. What personal goals do you want to pursue and what issues are preoccupying you? Let us discuss these questions together. In a cost-free assessment of your current situation, we will take a close look at your personal situation and present you with possible areas of action.

These are the questions we will discuss in an initial interview:

  • What benefits can you expect from your pension plan?
  • How can you optimize your pension benefits?
  • What should you consider if you take early retirement?
  • In the case of 2nd and 3rd pillar credit, which asset structure is optimal for you?
  • What projects and investments would you like to realize in the future?
  • What impact will these expenses have on your income and wealth situation?


Further information

Do you have any questions about our advisory service? We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information and advice.

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