Pension planning

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By clarifying your pension situation and long-term retirement planning early, you can prepare for your retirement in a targeted way.

Vontobel pension planning solutions

We offer modern pension solutions for private individuals and entrepreneurs, combining the advantages of pension instruments with modern and professional wealth management. Take advantage of the tax privileges offered by the Swiss 2nd pillar and pillar 3a, and remain in control of your investment strategy at all times. Our pension solutions offer full cost and performance transparency.

  • Pillar 3a: investment funds with excellent track records
  • Vested benefits: tailored investment solutions
  • Executive pension plans: extra-mandatory 1e pension plan solutions offering a choice of your own investment strategy


Vontobel pension planning solutionsFor private individualsFor self-employed persons/entrepreneurs
Pillar 3a yes ja 
Vested benefits yes yes 
Executive pension plans (1e)   yes 


A special case - individual management pensions: greater self-determination in the second pillar

As an entrepreneur, self-employed person or management employee, you are used to making your own decisions. Do you also decide how your pension assets are invested?

In the non-mandatory area of the second pillar, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons or management members of a company with individual management pension plans have a wide range of options for structuring their pensions - contrary to widespread opinion. Through diversification within pillar 2, you can individually choose your investment strategy, gain greater transparency about your pension assets, and reduce your tax burden.

Take advantage of the opportunity for self-determination for your 2nd pillar, too

  • Does your pension fund sometimes appear to you as just a black box?
  • Do you know how your pension fund monies are invested?
  • And how big is the share of pension assets in your total assets?

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