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Prepare your early retirement

Choose the best option for your needs by considering different scenarios.

Early retirement - step by step

"Many people are already on the home stretch when they realize that their assets are not keeping pace with their retirement plans."


Planning for retirement is crucial, especially if your goal is early retirement or partial retirement. Either way, these three expert tips provide some valuable guidance for entering the next phase of your life well-prepared. 

Portrait von Tobias Vinzent - Head Wealth Planning

"Retirement doesn’t have to be an abrupt transition from working full-time to doing nothing. You can take a gradual approach, whether by dropping down to working part-time or reducing your hours step by step."

Tobias Vinzent, Head Wealth Planning

Free assessment of your retirement situation

Get your retirement and financial plans up to date with advice from our knowledgeable experts. Arrange a free initial consultation* or call us.

*The initial consultation is suitable for people who have multiple sources of assets, property, and/or pension plans, who wish to assess their overall situation and identify potential optimizations as well as get investment ideas. The duration of the free initial consultation is 60 minutes. 

During the initial consultation, we will discuss the following questions with you:

  • What factors should you consider for early retirement?
  • How can you optimize your retirement finances?
  • What retirement benefits can you expect?
  • What projects and investments are you planning for the future?
  • What is the best asset structure for your 2nd and 3rd pillar savings?

Our wealth and financial planners

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Portrait von Tobias Vinzent - Head Wealth Planning

Tobias Vinzent

Head Wealth Planning

Portrait of Bettina Rösch, Head Wealth Services CH at Vontobel

Bettina Rösch

Head Wealth Services CH

Portrait of Burak Ak, Head Financial Planning at Vontobel

Burak Ak

Head Financial Planning

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