Ad hoc announcements


Welcome to our Ad hoc Announcements Archive. Here, you can explore a comprehensive collection of historical disclosures and company updates spanning the past years.


Date Media release
01.11.2018 Vontobel remains on track with growth and innovation
30.10.2018 Vontobel to enlarge Asian footprint with new offering for growth market of external asset managers
19.10.2018 Vontobel and Lombard Odier announce strategic wealth management partnership for North America
01.10.2018 Notenstein La Roche becomes Vontobel
27.07.2018 Media release on Vontobel's half-year 2018 results
02.07.2018 Vontobel successfully concludes the acquisition of Notenstein La Roche Privatbank AG
26.06.2018 Vontobel awarded ‘Prime’ status in the ISSoekom sustainability rating
13.06.2018 Vontobel successfully places Additional Tier-1 Bond
24.05.2018 Vontobel's analyst call "Acquisition of Notenstein La Roche Privatbank AG from Raiffeisen Switzerland"
24.05.2018 Raiffeisen further expands in-house investment business and sells Notenstein La Roche to Vontobel
24.05.2018 IR presentation - "Acquisition of Notenstein La Roche Privatbank AG from Raiffeisen Switzerland"
24.05.2018 Media presentation - "Raiffeisen further expands in-house investment business and sells Notenstein La Roche to Vontobel"
18.04.2018 2018 General Meeting of Shareholders of Vontobel Holding AG
18.04.2018 Information on the reports on the Annual General Meeting 2018 of Vontobel Holding AG
22.02.2018 Media release: Vontobel completes sale of Liechtenstein subsidiary to Kaiser Partner Privatbank
13.02.2018 Media release concerning Vontobel's full-year results 2017
09.02.2018 Vontobel agrees mutual settlement with German authorities concerning untaxed assets held by German clients


Date Media release
07.12.2017 Vontobel focuses its business model in Wealth Management and transfers Vontobel Liechtenstein to Kaiser Partner
04.12.2017 Vontobel completes acquisition of Eastern European asset management portfolio from Notenstein La Roche
25.10.2017 Media release concerning third quarter 2017
18.10.2017 Vontobel Asset Management to absorb research costs for clients
20.09.2017 Vontobel Asset Management’s Fixed Income Boutique expands its US footprint
18.09.2017 Vontobel: moving forward with a clear position
05.09.2017 Vontobel Launches Listed Structured Products on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
31.08.2017 Vontobel Investor Day 2017
21.08.2017 Notenstein La Roche Private Bank Ltd sells non-strategic Eastern European asset management portfolio to Vontobel
15.08.2017 Vontobel’s Fixed Income Boutique TwentyFour Asset Management surpasses GBP 10 billion of AuM and confirms ambitious progression plans
27.07.2017 Press release on Vontobel’s first-half 2017 results
26.06.2017 Vontobel Asset Management’s Quality Growth boutique launches global equity income strategy
26.06.2017 Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors Opens New York Office
16.06.2017 Vontobel joins the United Nations Global Compact
17.05.2017 Vontobel successfully completes Vescore integration
16.05.2017 Vontobel is connecting its Multi Issuer Platform deritrade® MIP with the risk management software ImpaQt© operated by swissQuant Group
06.04.2017 Vontobel’s Multi Issuer Platform „” to cooperate with Börse Frankfurt and exchange portal operator ARIVA.DE
04.04.2017 2017 General Meeting of Shareholders of Vontobel Holding AG
30.03.2017 Vontobel launches ‘Vontobel Investment Scout’ – the world’s first mobile app for issuing structured products
08.02.2017 Vontobel increases 2016 net profit to CHF 264.4 million
23.01.2017 Vontobel enters the French market for leveraged products, driving forward its targeted expansion in Europe


Date Media release
27.12.2016 Note regarding the press release dated December 22, 2016
22.12.2016 Vontobel concludes discussions with the US Department of Justice relating to the US Program for Swiss banks without paying a financial penalty
22.11.2016 Vontobel family shareholders renew and strengthen their commitment to the company
22.11.2016 Disclosure of the decision of the Takeover Board on 18 November 2016 (French
14.11.2016 Vontobel expands multi-issuer platform ‘’ with HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG as a second issuer
03.11.2016 Vontobel sells Helvetia stake to Patria Genossenschaft
27.10.2016 Press release concerning third quarter result
26.09.2016 Vontobel sells former Vescore subsidiaries
20.09.2016 Important milestone reached in deepening of partnership with Raiffeisen
12.09.2016 Leading digital platform for private clients has been extended and can now be used by all clients, worldwide and on all devices
16.08.2016 Vontobel is the first provider in Germany to launch a new fin-tech solution called „“
26.07.2016 Press release on Vontobel’s first-half 2016 results
30.06.2016 Raiffeisen and Vontobel redefine their collaboration in the area of asset management
21.06.2016 After only a few weeks Vontobel is the issuer with the biggest product range in the Italian market for factor certificates
13.06.2016 Vontobel expands business with private clients in Asia Pacific focus market – wealth management solutions from Vontobel are now also available to wealthy private clients in Australia
09.06.2016 Vontobel Brokerage named "leading Brokerage Firm" for Swiss Equities for the 6th consecutive time
27.05.2016 Vontobel enters the Italian market for leveraged products, driving forward its targeted expansion in Europe
24.05.2016 Vontobel Asset Management reaches next milestone in Asia
09.05.2016 Vontobel Asset Management strengthens its presence in the Nordic region and the Netherlands
19.04.2016 Press Release about the 2016 General Meeting of Shareholders of Vontobel Holding AG
12.04.2016 Vontobel strengthens its Private Banking business in Germany
08.04.2016 Vontobel tops BILANZ private banking ratings for the third time in a row
30.03.2016 Vontobel enables third parties to access one of the leading digital platforms for structured investment solutions
07.03.2016 Vontobel appoints Matthew Benkendorf as CIO of its Quality Growth boutique – Rajiv Jain resigns and will leave the firm
11.02.2016 Press Release concerning Vontobel's year results 2015
09.02.2016 Raiffeisen and Vontobel to continue collaboration in certain areas beyond end of cooperation agreement
05.02.2016 Institutional Investor names Vontobel Equity Research best team for Swiss equities 2016
04.01.2016 Death of Dr. Hans Vontobel